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Efficient with the lowest possible energy consumption: The temporary heating of buildings is a challenge that we often and gladly face.

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Building heating

Efficient with the lowest possible energy consumption: Temporary heating of buildings is a challenge that we often and gladly face. We have developed a large number of mobile solutions for a wide variety of uses. Whether 50 m2 or 50,000 m2 – we are at your side with HELOT technology and our experience.


Semi-permanent air conditioning and heating systems are used wherever fixed structures cannot support themselves. Temporary systems pay off with terms of 6 months to 5 years. Isolated duct systems are optionally used here. Operating costs are reduced in circulating air or mixed air operation. The use of door air curtain systems and thermostat controls make the systems particularly efficient. That saves money and the environment.


The best air conditioning is the one that you don’t even notice. Nothing is more annoying than noisy units or air conditioning with unpleasant drafts. We reliably and unobtrusively ensure a good atmosphere – so that your production remains in the foreground and the climate does not become an issue. But the technology should not only work well, it should also fit into the building concept. That is why we also offer an individual adaptation to the existing sewer system.


A reliable power supply is the basic requirement for success. With the mobile power generation from HELOT, the complete supply for all types of applications for heating, cooling, ventilation and drying is ensured. For example with our generator sets: they are super soundproof and reach a peak value with a sound level of approx. 65 dBA at 7 meters. A mobile power supply is also useful with an existing power connection; as support in the event of power peaks and as protection in the event of a power failure.


In order to simulate peak loads, groups are formed from individual electrical consumers. Loads of up to 6 megawatts can be realized here. The modular structure guarantees maximum flexibility and redundancy. The individual components are light and small and can therefore be set up directly at the required location. There is no need to use a crane or forklift. If required, we can also supply the complete cabling from 16 A CEE to 2402 single wires including all load distributors.

Construction & Industry

Your advantages

Adherence to deadlines

Delayed construction and completion dates are always problematic for builders and investors. It is mostly moisture problems in the building shell that take too long to dry out and prevent further work. With the air conditioning solutions from HELOT you get a grip on moisture problems.

First, moisture levels are precisely determined and a timing worked out in order to precisely control the drying times and coordinate them with the other construction phases. HELOT offers the most modern heating, ventilation and drying devices for all construction projects and areas of application, such as drying grout or drying walls, concrete slabs and screed floors. The energetic modernization of buildings is also possible with mobile heating centers without interrupting the heat supply. Because in the end it is about completing projects on time and with high quality.

Production climate

When it comes to creating the optimal climate in production halls or laboratories, is HELOT the right partner for you. Together we work out the “climate target” for your production or application in order to ensure the highest product quality. We then take care of the implementation and ensure the correct humidity and temperature values.

Ideal climatic conditions are particularly important in sensitive laboratory areas or in pharmaceutical production. If the humidity is too high, materials, granulates and powder stick together. But machines and pipelines are also sensitive – the result is production downtimes and a reduced service life.

Last but not least, it is about complying with health, hygiene and safety regulations and creating a feel-good atmosphere for employees. Because that is known to be good for high productivity.

Helot services

Every property has different air conditioning requirements. The location, the size of the property, the door and window area, the building materials used – these are all decisive climatic factors. For a tailor-made solution, detailed information is required and our experts obtain this directly on site during the property inspection – free of charge for you.

Just like the expert advice, the heating requirement calculation and of course the subsequent preparation of an offer. In the implementation, our “everything from one source” principle applies again: we deliver and install the devices, monitor the measurement data and operation, take care of the fuel supply for the units and, if required, coordinate the individual trades.


Everything for the good climate. Innovative technology that is also fully developed. We have heaters, air conditioning systems, diesel generators and every imaginable accessory in our range. Technology that can also be used internationally, e.g. in France with Veritas certification. On request, we also offer full service, incl. construction, dismantling, transport and support.


Climate factor mobility and accessibility.Close to the customer and the project – with full service around the clock, anywhere, anytime. With our nationwide network and four locations in Cologne, Chemnitz, Berlin and Munich, we support your construction project or your production quickly and effectively.

Climate change

Climate makers against climate change. The careful use of fuel, energy and water is particularly important to us. An optimal efficiency of our devices as well as the constant regulation and measurement of all components in operation and the use of intelligent speed-controlled ceiling fans reduce the energy costs. Systems controlled by thermostats shorten running times and reduce energy consumption – for a good climate during your project and ultimately everywhere.

Completed Projects



  • Project period: 2008 2010
  • Winter construction heating: delivery and installation of a heating system consisting of 81 devices with a total output of over 14,800 kilowatts.
  • The targeted, planned use made it possible to achieve a significant reduction in drying times.



  • Center for Operative Medicine II
  • Project period: 2008 – 2010
  • 4 buildings each with 4 to 5 floors: approx.20,000 square meters
  • Temporary heating for interior work with property surveillance. Keeping a diary of internal temperatures, energy supply (fueling content), renovation work and services.
  • Built-up heating and dehumidifying capacity: 4 MW

AUDI, Hungary


  • Project period: 2011 2012
  • For the construction work on the new Audi production halls in Hungary, Helot supplied 16 mobile HTL 200 heating centers to accelerate the drying of the building.
  • Total output: 3200 kW

Other Projects


  • Daimler Hungary plant
  • Airport Berlin Schönefeld
  • BASF canteen Ludwigshafen

Other Projects


  • BMW canteen Munich
  • Lidl, various locations
  • Opel plant Rüsselsheim
  • UN Campus Bonn
  • Opel plant Hungary
  • Max Planck Institut Göttingen