Leak detection & drying

Various methods are used to locate leaks, for example the acoustic method, forming gas and thermography. Many roads lead to dryness, because a whole range of techniques and processes are available

Finding causes, locating weak points


Floor insulation drying

  • Thermografie zur Ortung von Fußbodenheizungen
  • If required, we are able to remove most of the tiles without damaging them. Alternatively, we offer the CeraVogue inlay process, whereby the drill holes are sealed with ceramic inlays.
  • The use of filter elements HEPA class H13 / DIN EN 1822-1 is standard.
  • in the negative (with Hepa) or positive pressure method through holes Ø 50 mm in the screed
  • Alternatively, the side nozzles can be used for drying over the screed edge strips without damaging the floor coverings (eg laminate, parquet, exposed screed, etc.).

Process techniques for wall drying

Many roads lead to dryness, because a whole range of techniques and processes are available. Whether a single measure is sufficient or several procedures are combined – we will advise you comprehensively.

Here are an overview of some wall drying methods:

  • Wall drying with condensation or adsorption devices, dry room air or dry air under air cushions.
  • with fans / circulating air blowers stimulate evaporation on the component surface through air movement.
  • with infrared heating plates. Noiseless with heat.
  • With combination devices consisting of an adsorption unit and a side channel compressor,dry air is flowed directly into the masonry via a microsystem Ø 16 mm and also dried over the component surface with an air cushion.


  • Air cleaning with e.g. mold spores or dust pollution with a suction unit
  • Odor neutralization through ionization
  • Odor neutralization and killing of mold spores through fogging
  • Disinfection of floor insulation layers

Screed drying

  • with condensation devices, dry room air increases evaporation
  • with fans / circulating air blowers, evaporation on the component surface is stimulated by air movement
  • with fan heaters

Bring everything dry

Your advantages

Fast and effective

We’ll put you dry. HELOT has been a competent and reliable partner in the field of building drying for decades. On the one hand with the (new) building drying, but also with the technical drying after tap water damage, sewer damage and flood influences. Our drying technology enables renovation without destroying the screed floor or the top floor. We use high-performance dehumidifiers, high pressure and turbo blowers and also microwave technology. In the event of water damage due to a leak, of course, the precise and quick location of the leak is the top priority.


Dried for 6 decades. Who likeHELOT Has been providing dehydration technology almost everywhere since 1949, can build on experience and expertise. It happens again and again: Soaking of the impact sound insulation and water ingress on construction sites. With professional systems, optimal efficiency and tailor-made for the respective application, from HELOT Dryings carried out. The premises can be used during the drying time. That minimizes the costs. Every year we oversee more than 4000 drying measures and provide over 8000 rental devices. We are number 1 in the field of mobile heating, drying and air conditioning systems. There are many reasons to play it safe with your technical drying – with HELOT.


Good staff is the be-all and end-all.With decades of experience, committed specialist staff, modern measuring devices and highly effective drying systems, we offer individual solutions for repairing damage. Especially when things get particularly tricky and demanding – we guarantee engineering planning and advice – support and reliability are our motto. And here, too, you have a personal contact who will accompany you through the entire planning and implementation. Our own trained and certified specialists are deployed for each project.


Everything for quick repairs. Innovative technology that is also fully developed. We have dehumidifiers, high pressure blowers, side channel blowers, infrared dryers, microwave dryers, heating centers and every imaginable accessory in our program. Technology that can be used across Europe, e.g. in France with Veritas certification. On request, we also offer full service, incl. Construction and dismantling, transport and support.


Mobility and accessibility factor.Close to the customer – with full service around the clock, anywhere, anytime. With our nationwide network and four locations in Cologne, Chemnitz, Berlin and Munich, we support your measure quickly and effectively.

Climate change

Climate makers against climate change. The careful use of fuel, energy and water is particularly important to us. An optimal efficiency of our devices as well as the constant control and measurement of all components in operation and the use of intelligent speed-controlled fans reduce energy costs. Systems controlled by thermostats shorten running times and reduce energy consumption.

Successfully dried


Drying projects

  • Semperoper Dresden
  • Zoo Leipzig
  • Moated castle Klaffenbach
  • Opera tower Frankfurt a.M.
  • IWU Fraunhofer Institut Chemnitz
  • Airport Wien
  • Old town Köln

Drying projects

  • Pasing Arkaden München

  • Castle Pillnitz Dresden

  • Elbresidenz Bad Schandau

  • Deutsche Welle Bonn

  • University Hospital Köln / Düsseldorf

  • Post Tower Bonn

  • Semperoper, Dresden



  • Peter Platz Immobilienservice
  • Bauring Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH
  • GAG Immobilien Köln
  • Greif & Contzen Immobilien
  • ImmoConcept Hillemeier
  • Wohnungs-Genossenschaft Köln 1896 eG
  • Wohnungsgesellschaft Leverkusen GmbH
  • Wohnungsgesellschaft der Stadtwerke Köln mbH
  • Dieter Wepler Hausverwaltung
  • Mathissen – Immobilien

Construction company


  • Bauwens
  • NCC-Deutschland
  • Hochtief
  • Zechbau

Different objects


  • Post Tower Bonn
  • Deutsche Welle Bonn
  • Diverse Objekte Rheinauhafen Köln
  • Odysseum Köln
  • Fachhochschule Köln, Campus Gummersbach
  • Center for Nanotechnology CeNTech Münster
  • Police station A4 Raststätte Frechen
  • Ford Köln, canteen