Trade fairs

The language of the theater probably best describes what is important: For your event to be a complete success, everything should go smoothly, in front of and behind the scenes.

All from a single source


Event heating – mobile tent heating

Efficient with the lowest possible energy consumption: The heating of temporary event architecture through the tent heating is a challenge that we often and gladly face. We have developed a large number of mobile solutions for a wide variety of uses. Whether warehouses, tent cities, mobile sales rooms and showrooms – we are at your disposal with the HELOT technology and our experience at your side.

Event climate – mobile air conditioning units

The best air conditioning is the one that you don’t even notice. Nothing is more annoying than noisy units or air conditioning with unpleasant drafts. We reliably and unobtrusively ensure a good atmosphere – so that your event remains in the foreground and the climate does not become an issue. But the technic should not only work well, but also fit into the design concept. That is why we also offer an individual adaptation to the overall decoration concept. The air conditioning outlet systems and hoses play an important role here – they can be optically integrated into the overall design on request.

Power supply – rental units

A reliable power supply is the basic requirement for success. With the mobile power generation from HELOT the complete supply for all types of applications for heating, cooling, ventilation and drying is assured. For example with our electrical units: they are super soundproof and reach a peak value with a sound level of approx. 65 dBA at 7 meters. A mobile power supply is also useful with an existing power connection; as support in the event of power peaks and as protection in the event of a power failure.

Security lighting

We advise you comprehensively on all security issues at your event. Reliable safety and emergency power lighting is essential here. Starting with emergency exit lighting and signage through to emergency and panic lighting, we offer you comprehensive solutions that go far beyond the police requirements and of course also play a role in terms of insurance.


Your advantages


Play it safe with number one, whoever like HELOT Has been providing a good climate almost everywhere since 1949, can rely on experience and expertise. Every year we oversee more than 800 projects and provide over 8000 rental devices. We are number 1 in the field of mobile heating and air conditioning systems. There are many reasons to play it safe at your event – with HELOT.


Everything for the good climate. Innovative technology that is also fully developed. We have heaters, air conditioning systems, diesel generators and every imaginable accessory in our range. Technology that can also be used internationally, e.g. in France with Veritas certification. On request, we also offer full service, incl. Construction and dismantling, transport and support.


Climate factor mobility and accessibility. Close to the customer and the event – with full service around the clock, at any place, at any time. With our nationwide network and four locations in Cologne, Chemnitz, Berlin and Munich, we look after your event quickly and effectively.


Good staff is almost the whole event. Especially when things get particularly tricky and demanding – we guarantee the engineering planning and advice for your event – even in the most unusual and “impossible” locations. And here, too, you have a personal contact who will accompany you throughout the entire event planning and implementation. Our own trained and certified specialists are deployed for each project.


Air conditioning technology that fits into the concept. The technology should not only work well, but also fit into the design concept. That is why we also offer an individual adaptation to the overall decoration concept. The air conditioning outlet systems and hoses play an important role here – they can be optically integrated into the overall design on request.

Climate change

Climate makers against climate change. The careful use of fuel, energy and water is particularly important to us. An optimal efficiency of our devices as well as the constant regulation and measurement of all components in operation and the use of intelligent speed-controlled ceiling fans reduce the energy costs. Systems controlled by thermostats shorten running times and reduce energy consumption – for the good climate at your event and ultimately everywhere.

What our customers say

Customer reviews

“We had great reservations about using a heating system on the historic floor and possibly causing oil damage. Helot took our concerns and used special tanks with drip protection trays. Last but not least, it convinced us that Helot is a specialist company in accordance with the Water Resources Act (WHG). From the planning to the execution on site, we were perfectly looked after. In our 2800 square meter gala tent, we always had an absolutely comfortable climate. The reliable air conditioning by Helot at our most important event was an essential part of the success. “



“For the International Dealer Conference of Daimler AG in Davos, Helot supported outdoor buildings with the right heating and air conditioning devices. The constant change between cold and hot temperatures as well as the influence of three seasons within a few weeks made the highest demands on man and machine. Thanks to Helot, the climate didn’t turn out to be tremendous and we were always able to guarantee a comfortable climate. “



“On our Flying Bach tour, we also go to off locations that do not have any air conditioning or heating systems. Large temperature changes are problematic for our classical instruments and for our dancers. Here we like to rely on the competence of Helot. Various systems are used which ensure that we maintain a constant room temperature. The entire process from on-site visits to standby support convinced us in the long term and our guests and the ensemble enjoyed a comfortable atmosphere. “




Completed Projects



  • Customer: Europa-Park

  • Event date: März 2015

  • Event location: Europa-Park Rust

  • Automated control unit

  • Decentralized climate system

  • Year-round climate control in the temporary building


  • Cutomer: diverse
  • Event date: 2010 & 2016
  • Event location: Munich
  • 21,430 kW heating system
  • 3,025 kW air conditioning system
  • Assembly: 24h on-site support


  • Customer: Aachener Reitturnier

  • Event date:

  • Event location: Aachen

  • 2,000 kW heating system

  • 950 kW air conditioning system

  • Assembly: 24h on-site support


  • Customer: BMW
  • Executing agency: Ranzinger & Stamml
  • Event date: 18.-24. Juni 2012
  • Event location: Golfclub Gut Lärchenhof, Pulheim
  • 2,200 kW heating system
  • 900 kW air conditioning system
  • 1,500 kVA generators in twin operation
  • 24h on-site support


  • Customer: Mercedes-Benz
  • Executing agency: Nowadays
  • Event date: Summer 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
  • Event location: Berlin
  • 2,880 kW heating system
  • 2,080 kW air conditioning system
  • Assembly: 24h on-site support


  • Customer: Hugo Boss

  • Executing agency: Liganova

  • Event date: July 2011

  • Event location: Metzingen

  • 400 kVA twin generator

  • Assembly: 24h on-site support


  • Customer: Lapp Kabel

  • Executing agency: Freibauten

  • Event date: July 2011

  • Event location: Stuttgart

  • 600 kW heating system

  • 750 kW air conditioning system

  • Emergency and panic lighting

  • Assembly: 24h on-site support


  • Customer: Audi TT Pavillon

  • Event date: October 2014

  • Event location: Frankfurt am Main

  • Climate system

  • concept

  • Technical implementation

  • support


  • Customer: Tom Tailor

  • Exhibition, decoration and tent construction: outdoor structures

  • Event date: Summer 2012

  • Event location: Berlin

  • 200 kW heating system

  • 100 kW air conditioning system

  • Assembly: 24h on-site support


  • Customer: Skisport & Veranstaltungs GmbH

  • Event date: Winter 2012

  • Event location: Erdinger Arena, Allgäu

  • 200 kW heating system

  • 24h on-site support

  • Assembly


  • Customer: Brauerei Forst AG

  • Executing agency: Marbet

  • Event date: June 2011

  • Venue: Algund / Italy

  • 1,000 kW heating system

  • 750 kW air conditioning system

  • Complete energy supply network

  • Emergency and panic lighting


  • Executing agency: DO&CO
  • Event date: Winter & Summer 2011/2012
  • Venue: Carinthia, Austria
  • 800 kW heating system
  • 600 kW air conditioning system
  • Assembly: 24h on-site support