Water & fire damage

Whether fire damage, storm damage or water damage – an incident always comes unexpectedly. If then it’s not just the building

but also personal documents, memories or business documents are attacked, a whole new dynamic unfolds.

All from a single source



Unfortunately, lightning strikes, a technical defect or carelessness can cause a fire in your home. What remains are fire residues, such as coked furnishings, carpets, wallpapers and technical devices that are soot-soiled. In addition, the necessary extinguishing work will cause further damage to a considerable extent.

In order to be able to guarantee quality-assured results as quickly as possible, a detailed damage assessment immediately after the fire occurred is the basis for all further decisions in order to plan the exact scope of the renovation.


In addition to fire, water damage is one of the most unpleasant things for every homeowner. A broken pipe or a defective washing machine is often the cause. The building structure has been attacked, the home is uninhabitable, tenants and owners are exposed to stress. Since the natural drying of the building can take months and the risk of mold growth increases enormously, we recommend the building drying service.

Competent damage assessment followed by state-of-the-art restoration and an individual complete solution – that’s what Helot stands for.





Bring everything dry

Your advantages


Everything for quick renovation. In the event of major disasters, the devices reach the scene quickly and in sufficient numbers from nationwide warehouses. The existing measurement technology with its diverse analysis methods guarantees an exact damage assessment and localization of the causes and thus the most cost-effective use of the subsequent work.


Mobility and accessibility factor.Close to the customer – with full service around the clock, anywhere, anytime. With our nationwide network and four locations in Cologne, Chemnitz, Berlin and Munich, we support your measure quickly and effectively.

All incidents of damage are managed and coordinated across Europe, centrally in our Chemnitz branch.


We are here for you. HELOT Since 1949 we see ourselves as a complete service: service provider with a well thought-out system and offer, which we have tailored precisely for our customers over years of practice and are constantly developing. The main tasks of our service consist of first aid and emergency service, rehabilitation and restoration, in which we deal quickly and efficiently with every situation.


Good staff is the be-all and end-all.With decades of experience, committed specialist staff, modern measuring devices and highly effective drying systems, we offer individual solutions for repairing damage. Especially when things get particularly tricky and demanding – we guarantee engineering planning and advice – support and reliability are our motto. And here, too, you have a personal contact who will accompany you through the entire planning and implementation. Our own trained and certified specialists are deployed for each project.

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Fire damage


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